TripWallet Pocket WiFi

Designated iclub Sheung Wan Hotel guests can redeem free Pocket WiFi for their usage and enjoy daily limited free WiFi data during their stay!


User Guide

  1. Turn on the device

    Press and hold power button for 5 seconds until indicatorstays on
    Normally the connection will take1-2minutes

  2. Connect to network

    Enable WiFi on your mobile or smart device;
    connect to the WiFi name & enter password (can be found at the back of the Pocket WiFi device)

  3. Register / Login as TripWallet member

    Open the browser of your mobile or smart device, key in and search for manually OR Scan the QR code at the back of the Pocket WiFi device

    After land to TripWallet Register/Login page, please input email info and create password for member registration.

    If you are already a TripWallet member, please login directly


  4. Redeem free WiFi data

    After reading the promotion info, press the button to “Start WiFi”
    Enjoy daily 200MB free WiFi data during your stay in the Hotel


  5. Purchase top-up data pass

    Click the icon on the top right corner of this page to check the data usage anytime.
    When the free data used up, you can purchase top-up data pass.

    300MB Data pass (HK$15 / 7 days)
    500MB Data pass (HK$22 / 7 days)
    1GB Data pass (HK$40 / 15 days)

  6. Device Return

    Please return the Pocket WiFi to TripWallet redemption counter before check out

    Price list for lost or damage
    Pocket WiFi Device  HK$1,000
    USB Cable               HK$50


About the Pocket WiFi device

  • Designed for Hong Kong ONLY

    The device is designed for our partner Hotel guests and for usage in Hong Kong only. The device cannot function in other area or country, and not compatible with other SIM cards

  • CloudSIM technology

    With the adoption of CloudSIM technology, the device will be connected to the best signal automatically.

    The device will be locked up and deactivated in case of lost

  • Connect 5 devices at the same time

  • Charge 3 hours to work 12 hours continuously

  • Maximum upload speed: 50 Mbps

  • Maximum download speed: 150 Mbps

  • Device indicator

 1. WiFi Indicator


Ready for internet connection


Network service connecting

2. Signal Indicator


The signal strength is shown by LED indicator


Network service error

3. Battery Indicator


The battery capacity is shown by LED indicator


Slowly︰Battery charging     Quickly︰Low battery

4. LED Indicator

4 levels

Press the power button slightly to check the Battery capacity or the Signal Strength

First 3 seconds: show the battery capacity  
The 3 seconds after: show the signal strength




















Terms and Conditions


1 . Nature of Services         

These terms apply when the guests from iclub Sheung Wan Hotel (“Guests”) accept the service from TripWallet, to register and redeem the free Pocket WiFi device, WiFi data, USB cable and other related equipment of the service (“TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”).

2 . Guests & Charges

“Guests” who booked a Hotel room and stays in iclub Sheung Wan Hotel during the TripWallet promotion period will be eligible to redeem the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” and enjoy the below services:

TripWallet Pocket WiFi device: Free usage during the stay

WiFi data: Daily 200MB free WiFi data during the stay

TripWallet WiFi data top-up: When the free data is used up, “Guests” can purchase the top-up data pass (other Terms and Conditions apply)

Each Hotel room can only redeem ONE “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” at the iclub Sheung Wan Hotel TripWallet redemption counter (within the service hour 10:30am – 7:30pm). Due to limited quantity, the redemption service of “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” will be on first-come-first-serve basis, while stock lasts.

“Guests” must register as TripWallet member to enjoy the daily 200MB free WiFi data during the stay. The free WiFi data can only be consumed through the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”. TripWallet reserves the right in its sole discretion to change, suspend or terminate the free WiFi data offer and the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” service at any time without prior notice.

The 200MB free WiFi data will be reset on 12:00noon every day. “Guests” must login to the member account again after 12:00noon to redeem the free data of the day. Unused free WiFi data for each day cannot be carried forward to the next day and will be forfeited. TripWallet will not make any compensation for the forfeited free WiFi data.

Ownership of the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” shall be and at all time remains in TripWallet. “Guests” can only enjoy free usage of the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” during their stay in iclub Sheung Wan Hotel throughout the TripWallet promotion period, no other rights shall be carried forward to the “Guests”. TripWallet reserves full ownership of the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” and other related equipment.

By register and redeem the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” for usage during the stay, “Guests” agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

3. Privacy Policy

TripWallet fully comply with the obligations and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong. TripWallet collect “Guests”’ personal information to provide telecommunication services, sales, promotion, registration, shipment, collection and management, and shall not be used for any other purpose other than the above-mentioned purposes.

For details, please refer to “Privacy Policy”. 

4 . Usage of “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” & “WiFi data”

“Guests” shall use the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” and “WiFi data” offered by TripWallet in Hong Kong area only.

TripWallet Pocket WiFi data provided by telecommunications service provider, subjected to the Fair Use Policy, “Guests” agree and understand that telecommunications service provider may slow down the connection speed, limit the data usage amount or stop providing the data service according to the signal coverage condition. For force majeure factors (including but not limited to: network outage, maintenance, signal problem and coverage problem of telecommunications service provider, natural disaster, excessive or unreasonable data transmission by the user, etc) that affect or interrupt the services of TripWallet free WiFi data service or TripWallet top-up data pass service, TripWallet will not make any refund or compensation for such cases.

“Guests” agree and understand that for WiFi connection problem occurs due to misappropriate actions of the user, including but not limited to: reset of WiFi service of the device, restore of WiFi device, TripWallet will not make any refund or compensation for such cases.

After redeemed the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”, for any connection problem or device damage problem, “Guests” can request for device exchange at TripWallet redemption counter during the service hour of the counter. After inspection, if the problem is not caused by the misappropriate actions of the user, TripWallet will replace the device for the “Guests” for their usage during the stay.

5. Deposit and Penalty in case of lost

“Guests” shall follow the TripWallet registration flow at redemption counter to complete the registration and redemption process. “Guests” need to provide personal information and credit card information for deposit authorization hold, a HK$1,050 credit limit will be held until the return of “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”.

After received the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”, it is the “Guests”’ responsibility to check the device and ensure the device is not damaged and in good working condition.

“Guests” agree to use the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” in a careful and proper manner in accordance with the instructions as stipulated in the User Guide.

Upon receipt of the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” on the agreed return date in good working condition, TripWallet will cancel the deposit secured by authorization hold on the same credit card used upon registration. The credit limit will be released in 14-21 working days depends on the card issuing bank.

No actual transaction will be made until lost and damage of “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”. In case of lost and damage, please notify TripWallet immediately. With the adoption of CloudSIM technology, the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” will be locked up and deactivated in case of lost. The following fees will be imposed to “Guests” for lost and damage items:

TripWallet Pocket WiFi device    HK$1,000

USB cable                                  HK$50

6. Return of “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”

“Guests” shall return the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” on the agreed return date (i.e. check out date) to the redemption counter within service hour.

“TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” will be considered as lost item if it is not returned on the agreed return date. Fees will be imposed for lost as listed in Clause 5 of this Terms and Conditions. TripWallet shall also reserve the right to pursue legal action.

7. Disclaimer

“Guests” shall turn off the data roaming service of their smart device before connect to the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”. TripWallet shall not be responsible for any overseas data roaming charges by the “Guests”’ telecommunication service provider caused by the wrong device setting of the “Guests”.

TripWallet shall not be liable for any claim, loss, injury, damage or expense of any kind (including lost profits) whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential caused by “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device”, nor any delay or failure of the service.

TripWallet makes no other warranties, guarantees or representations, either express or implied, regarding any matter, including without limitation, the merchant ability, accuracy, reliability, condition or fitness for a particular purpose of the “TripWallet Pocket WiFi device” or WiFi data services furnished under these terms and conditions. TripWallet does not represent that “Guests”’ use of the products or services will be secure, timely, uninterrupted or error free or that the service will meet “Guests”’ requirements or that all errors in the service will be corrected or that the system that makes the service available will be free of viruses or other harmful components.

8. Amendment of Terms and Conditions

TripWallet reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of TripWallet.