A good cup of coffee, or two, will get you through the day. Ready to venture beyond Starbucks and explore who else is brewing in the city? Look no further than Sai Kung Hong Kong Coffee. The affordable rents and relaxed village atmosphere have attracted a new generation of passionate baristas to open street style cafes that wouldn’t be out of place in Melbourne, Paris or Amsterdam. Have a nice cuppa in style, that is, if you can get a table, as they are popular hang-out places for the locals.

Hong Kong Coffee

Little Cove Espresso
34 See Cheung St, Sai Kung 西貢市場街34
This Australian-style coffee shop in Sai Kung old town opened end 2015 and has since been a hot spot for the locals. The shop is frequented by people ‘working from home’, walking their dogs and is always busy.

It has a lovely little terrace outside and the interior oozes Australian charm with wooden furniture and artsy paintings on the wall. The menu features raw and healthy food (including the lovely raw chocolate bars from Raiz the Bar). What not to like about a guilt free piece of chocolate?

Staff is extremely friendly, they watched my dog as I had to order my coffee inside.

Nice touch: the old wooden spoon to indicate your order number
Coffee score: ****Hong Kong Coffee

Five Coffee Company
3 Hoi Pong St, Sai Kung 西貢海傍街3
This hipster style coffee place on Hoi Pong Street has a small outdoor terrace. They offer a small menu with French toast and pastries for the hungry. Relax and drink your coffee, away from the hustle and bustle of Sai Kung main street.

Nice touch: best spot is at the bar stools by the window
Coffee score: ****

Hong Kong Coffee

BEI coffee
G/F, 3 Sai Kung Tai St.

This little shop is a true gem hidden in the backstreets of Sai Kung Old Town. They have a menu listing different kinds of coffee beans and the friendly barista takes great pride in brewing you a cuppa that fits your palette. It is drip coffee so it will take some time. There is no outside area but the service is super friendly and the coffee very good. Finding this spot also gives you an opportunity to wander through the narrow streets of Sai Kung Old Town where the old grocery stores and eateries mix with hip little shops, eateries and a French deli.

Nice touch: coffee is served with a glass of cold tea to cleanse the palate
Coffee score: *****

Hong Kong Coffee


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